We are excited to announce the latest addition to True Size: the copy-to-clipboard feature. This new feature streamlines the design process by allowing users to instantly copy sizes with a single click, now with a smooth and sleek animation.

The improved copy-to-clipboard feature is simple to use. When you find a medium size you want to use in your design, simply click on the size number, and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard with a smooth and sleek animation. You can then paste the size into your design software or document with ease, saving you time and effort in the design process.

At True Size, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our users. We understand the importance of having accurate and reliable information when working with different mediums. With our new and improved copy-to-clipboard feature, we are confident that we are providing an even more efficient and streamlined experience for our users.

In conclusion, we invite you to explore True Size and take advantage of our new copy-to-clipboard feature. Our website is the ultimate resource for artists, designers, and creatives, providing a curated list of mediums in different sizes, including digital platforms, screens, social media, billboards, and more. With our copy-to-clipboard feature, you can create impactful and effective designs with ease. Thank you for choosing True Size as your go-to resource for all things medium-related!



copy-to-clipboard Preview